Best Matcha Green Tea Reviews – best in UK 2017

If like me you love the energy boost and health benefits of Matcha green tea you probably want to start including it in your daily routine. With literally thousands of choices of Matcha, claiming to be the best quality organic ceremonial tea on the market, I have decided to give you my heads up on four of my preferred brands.

1) Teaologists Japanese organic Matcha:

Origin: Japan, Uji, Kyoto prefecture.

Price: 40g – £19.95; 1oz/30g – £14.95

Score: 4.7/5

Package: Resealable Pouch

This is the first Matcha I bought and recommended. Teaologists are a dedicated Matcha company and take real pride in their product and service and Richard Fletcher, the founder, really does answer any questions you have about his product the same day in person!

The Matcha is a vivid spring green with a lovely vegetal smell which whisks really easily into a fine frothy drink full of bubbles. It has a smooth full bodied taste with a lingering sweet after-taste – I didn’t even need my usual spoonful of honey to make it taste good!

My friend, a Matcha first-timer, got a real 6 hour buzz from this Matcha and has vowed to buy it again. I also loved the 10% discount and free gifts pictured right which you can get with your first order. With the 40g bag it’s probably a good idea to transfer it to an opaque airtight tin to keep your product in tip-top condition, but it’s a minor criticism.

2) DoMatcha Organic Japanese Green Tea:

Origin: Japan, Uji Kyoto Prefecture & Kagoshima

Price: £33.19/$23.98 – 1oz/30g

Score: 4.9/5

Package: Air-sealed metal container with a small bag inside.

DoMatcha is considered to be amongst the best quality Matcha’s on the market, so although by no means the cheapest at over £1/oz it is worth considering if you want a really good premium Matcha experience.

The tea arrives nicely packaged in a sealed tin with a sealed bag inside. The powder is an extremely green very fine consistency, which indicates young leaves picked from the tips of the plant – refer to my choosing a good quality Matcha page.

It has a pleasant sweet aroma with that evocative freshly cut grass smell. Do Matcha has almost no bitterness, but is smooth and clean as it hits the tongue and mouth. A strong vegetal taste that is neither bitter nor sour is unique to this brand with a beguiling, airy, sweet aftertaste like a quality dark-chocolate which is the perfect adjunct to the non-bitter smoothness before swallowing.

As the powder is so micro-fine it easily mixes up into a creamy paste and then whisks into a frothy bubble rich green tea which is a delight to drink. Make this a number 1 choice if price is no object, especially if you live in the US where it’s a great deal.

Buy DoMatcha now – UK

Buy DoMatcha now – US

3) Midori Spring Ceremonial Gold Class Organic Matcha:

Origin: Japan, Aichi, Kagoshima & Kyoto

Price: £19.97/$27 – 1oz/30g

Score: 4.6/5

Package: Air Sealed tin.

Midori Spring Matcha is another of those premium Matcha green tea products it’s impossible to leave out of any best of list.

On opening the air sealed tin the immediate thing that hits you is the vibrant emerald green colour of the powder and the fresh grassy smell. Although it doesn’t have a sealed inner bag, the tea is a very fine dry powder with no hint of moisture.

Now to taste and for this it’s best to prepare an Usucha, the frothy Americano like Matcha. This Matcha probably gives more froth than any other with my go-to aerolatte milk frother (saves my wrists from whisk fatigue) and tastes slightly differently to other Matcha’s with a hint of creamy caramel type sweetness. With no discernible bitterness it’s probably one of the best Matchas for the newcomer to drinking. Definitely one of my preferred flavours.

Buy this Matcha – UK

Buy Midori Spring Matcha – US

4) Mighty Matcha Super Healthy Green Tea:

Origin: Zhejiang province, China .

Price: £10.99/$15.64 – 1oz/30g

Score: 4.2/5

Package: Air sealed tin with an aluminium foil package inside.

I bought this tea as I wanted to test one of the cheaper Matchas in the UK. After contacting Will from Mighty Matcha, he assured me that he had found a very good quality product from China, the original home of green tea, so I was keen to try it. My initial impression on opening the nicely presented tin was of a quality product. The smell was vegetal with a hint of sea-weedy tonality. The Matcha was a light and bright green with a smooth powdery consistency indicating a quality product.

On mixing it smoothed well to a lump free consistency and whisked up to a fairly frothy dark green Usucha, the standard way to test a new Matcha. The taste was initially a little disapointing, being fairly bitter, but did give way to a smoother slight sweet mouth feel eventually. So definitely one to add a little sweetener or honey too.

Overall this is a quality Matcha that definitely gave me the energy boost and calm focus common to good green teas, but maybe one to drink as a Latte or with added sweetness. Kind to the pocket though and definitely worth considering for all its health benefits.

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Guide to Matcha Review:

The above reviews are mostly subjective based on my favourite Matcha brands, and the scoring reflects the opinions of other Matcha experts as well as following my own criteria to choosing a good green tea as described on my ‘Where to buy Matcha tea powder‘ page.

I hope you enjoy your Matcha experience and benefit hugely like me from drinking it.

Please feel free to leave any comments or ask me any questions below as I love talking about all things Matcha.





5 thoughts on “Best Matcha Green Tea Reviews – best in UK 2017”

  1. I am a big fan of green tea. I have been drinking it for years because of its health benefits. The DoMatcha organic jappenese green tea sounds perfect for me. I love the fact that it has an airtight container and has a sweet aftertaste with no bitterness. Some of the lower quality green teas I have tried tend to have a lot of bitterness to them. Am certainly going to give this one a try. I’ve never heard of this particular green tea so thank you for sharing it with me.

  2. All of these look fantastic. I would love to try all of these. I wish companies would team up and offer you a sample of each tea. I guess I will have to buy each one and see which one is best!

    1. Hi Kurtis, if you are prepared to review the teas for the company very often they will give you a free sample. With all the green teas on the market it is difficult to pick the best, but I hope the ones I have selected will give you the benefits along with a quality taste.

  3. This Japanese green tea seems promising to me, last year I tasted a green Chinese tea when I went to china, it was different from normal but I liked it a lot. There is also a portuguese green tea that comes from the Azores very good called Gorreana.
    Very good article, I liked it

    1. Hi David, thanks for the info on Gorreana. It seems like this tea came from the East in the mid-18th century. Looks nice but I guess the original traditions of China and then Japan and the fact that Matcha tea is shade grown makes them very different. Glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for your feedback.

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